Actors World runs courses in Communication and Performance at their centres. Courses in Communication [Poetry and Verse, Public Speaking, Using English as a Spoken Language] and Performance are suited for ages 7 and above.

Our courses help:
Improve standards in communication through the spoken word
– Foster an appreciation of literature, poetry and drama
Acknowledge levels of achievement
– Support the creative, intellectual and social development of the individual as a whole.

The courses are designed to equip learners, whatever be their age and aspirations, with a range of tools and skills that will serve them throughout life in whatever they may choose to do. Enhancing their ability too communicate effectively, in a public arena, with self-confidence and awareness.

The benefits of working on the program are manifold:

Unlocking the imagination and thinking creatively
Developing communication skill
– Refining technical skills and artistry
– Improved confidence and self- awareness
– Promoting team-work

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