What is Actors World and who runs it?

ACTORS WORLD is run and nurtured by Christopher DaruwallaA trained professional in classical theatre from LAMDA [London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art] who has been involved in theatre and television for the past 20 years. It is dedicated to producing theatre of the highest quality, creating platforms for training actors, both children and adults, in amateur and professional levels – working to bring out the potential of the individual and to offer a platform in which the individual can showcase their talent and creativity.
This is done through workshops – for scriptwriting, acting technique and dance. It aims to make theatre an integral part of, and a product of the people to which it belongs. It works towards garnering the best of talent and writing to produce theatre, which will not only be entertaining, but more meaningful and relevant to the day. Its aim and endeavour is to blend the various elements and produce work that brings out the best potentials of the chosen elements and makes the work at hand more meaningful.

Christopher has created his own brand for the type of work he has done, in television or in theatre. His work has been diverse – from being part of the Green Panda Award winning show ‘Living on the Edge’ or the award winning ‘The Great Escape’ [travel show] or ‘Wheels’ [BBC World] – India’s first car show.
Over the years horned his skills as an actor, writer and director writing for both the stage and the tube. In television he brought a new way of looking at the work he was involved in, whether it was in the Infotainment space or in directing and producing short films.
He has been part of world famous shows like Sesame Street in it’s Indian avatar – ‘Galli Galli Sim Sim’ – as a Studio Director, Head of Live Action Films [producing about 80 pan Indian children’s films in a year] and as Supervising Producer. He is always keen to explore the unexplored and chew again on the discovered.

His approach to work is simple: “My attitude is a mix of the curiosity of a beginner, the excitement of a novice and the nervousness of a debutant.”

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