Creative Workshops

Our creative workshops are designed to nurture the individual’s creative potential. The various sessions give emphasis on process to empower the participant to follow their individual path and in the process develop a unique voice. They also cover practical elements to help participants chart their progress using meaningful signposts and milestones.

The workshops are suitable for a wide range of participants, from young people to adults. We will work with you to help you identify your area of interest and then fulfil your creative potential.

The sessions are also useful for writers, advertising professionals, actors, dancers and anyone who wants to explore their creative side. Rooted in theatre, they offer a new insight into creative thinking and problem solving. You will work with others in collective brainstorming sessions to explore new ideas. You will also engage in dynamic discussion and debates to explore new perspectives and ideas. Most of all, all the work is approached in an open, positive and fun filled atmosphere.

Mail us at or call us at +91 9810455808 for upcoming workshops!

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